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Your 4th Quarter Tax to-do list

Part 1 of 3 When it comes to taxes, often times the 4th quarter of the year can be make or break time for taxpayers. All too often we connect with taxpayers at tax time and learn details that will have a significant impact on their tax position. Learning these details after the end of […]


Want to pay less in income taxes? Here’s where to start

Do you want to pay less in income taxes?   Every taxpayer in America would offer a resounding YES! to that question.  Everyone is looking to pay less in income taxes.  However, the big question is – How? There is a critical first step that cannot be skipped if you’re serious about saving money on taxes. […]


Over 130,000 Vets May Be Due Tax Refunds Now

The Department of Defense (DoD) began notifying veterans that they may eligible for an immediate tax refund.  Under federal law, veterans who suffer combat-related injuries and who are separated from the military are not supposed to be taxed on the one-time lump sum disability severance payment they receive from the military. Unfortunately, for years, the DoD improperly withheld […]


New Perks with a 529 Savings Plan

Freedom from tax penalties News for parents: the 529 College Savings Plan you’ve set aside for your little one now has more (immediate) benefits! 529 plans are tax deductible investment accounts great for saving for future education costs. Two types of plans are available: prepaid tuition plans and education savings plans. The most common was […]


“I Do, Taxes Included.”

“I Do, Taxes Included.” There’s a new meaning to “for better or for worse.” Under the new tax reform, the marriage penalty is mostly gone. Several factors go into this, like whether you are married, how much you earn and how you file your taxes. New this year, married couples will receive a higher standard […]


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