Saving you time and, most importantly, money.

NextGen Tax Services is a team of CPAs and tax professionals providing tax solutions to clients nationwide. When dealing with the IRS, you need an advocate. Check out our unique approach and the new way to do taxes.

Tax PreparationTax PlanningTax Resolution
• $0 out-of-pocket costs
• Simple and complex tax returns completed in less than a week
• CPAs and licensed tax professionals you can trust
• Partnered with Intuit, an encrypted database more secure than online banking

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• Even without changes to your income in 2018, you will pay more in taxes this year than in years past
• Effective tax planning will save you money
• Take action now

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• Overwhelmed at the thought of a large balance owned to the IRS?
• Resolve your unpaid tax debt for pennies on the dollar
• The IRS can seize your assets—garnishing wages, freezing bank accounts or taking
ownership of your cars
• Legally, only CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents can help you overcome this hurdle. And we have all three.

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